Tuesday, Oct. 30th 2018

Top Places to Find Free Halloween Sound Effects

You could always ask Alexa, but sometimes it’s nice to have a curated playlist.  If you’re looking for some free, spooky Halloween sound effects for your festivities, check out this list.

  1. freesoundeffects.com
    The URL says it all! This site has everything from scary ambience to screams and howls. Plus, it has a huge library of non-Halloween-related sound effects. Everything can be downloaded in mp3 or WAV format.
  2. Sound Bible
    If you’re into film making or scoring, you’re probably already familiar with Sound Bible. It has a huge library of sound effects, many of them free. If you’re planning something for public or commercial use, it also has license information for each track.
  3. Partners in Rhyme
    Why have just one “wicked laugh” sound effect when you can have eight? This site has lots to choose from. Files are generally available for download in WAV format.
  4. NASA’s Spooky Space Sounds
    As fellow science geeks, this is a personal favorite. On this page, NASA has available for download some of the creepiest sounds heard across our solar system. Best yet, they tell you what you’re listening to – so it’s educational, too!
  5. YouTube
    It’s always worth pointing out YouTube. They have a huge selection of free Halloween sounds a music. Find your favorites, and set up a playlist to loop in the background of your Halloween party or haunted house.

We hope this list helps your Halloween sound better!

Happy Halloween from AVANT ACOUSTICS!



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