Sports and recreation projects are some of the most fun projects we work on!  From arenas and stadiums to water parks and community centers, AVANT ACOUSTICS has experience with nearly every sports and recreation project type. 

These projects benefit from AVANT ACOUSTICS’ variable-reduction approach, whereby we provide more complete drawings, specifications, and commissioning. As a result, your project is less at risk from working with lowest-bid contractors.


Music, sound effects, and announcements have a major impact on the perception and enjoyment of an event or game.  Full-spectrum sound that seems natural yet powerful characterizes an ideal sound system for sports and recreation facilities.  AVANT ACOUSTICS has mastered the art of delivering an unforgettable auditory experience to every seat in the house.  A major national sports championship organization trusts AVANT ACOUSTICS each year with their sound reinforcement, and so should you!

In addition to the scoreboard system, many sports and recreation facilities have various spaces where the sights and sounds of the game are piped into areas outside the main event space. These audio-visual system designs help diffuse the game excitement into boxes, corridors, restrooms, and other commons and private areas. Distributing the sound in this way encourages attendees to frequent the shops and food venues throughout the event, instead of remaining seated. In addition, the facility owner is able to secure greater profits by offering premium-priced viewing spaces with controllable sound environments.  With AVANT covering the AV system design, you’ll be free to focus on other aspects of the project.

Recreation and sports facilities are typically very loud spaces. Thus, having good noise control is a must. Our acoustical consultants are expert designers in room acoustics, architectural acoustics, and mechanical noise control.  From the bowl to the restrooms, we’ve got you covered!

The audio-visual and acoustical designs aren’t complete until they perform.  AVANT ACOUSTICS is available during the construction process to oversee the installing contractors, as well as to answer unanticipated questions that invariably pop up in the field (pun intended).

AVANT ACOUSTICS combines the art of sound and video with the science of design in our system commissioning.  We spend more time on site, testing equipment installations and equalizing the equipment for the space.  The end result?  Our audio-visual systems just sound (and look) better.

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