Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking systems (sometimes referred to as white noise systems) reduce distractions and improve speech privacy, especially in open-plan office areas.  When designed properly, occupants don’t even notice the masking system is there.  Through an array of loudspeakers or emitters, pink noise or white noise is emitted into the space. This raises the overall noise floor.  For intelligible speech, that noise floor must be overcome, which means less unintentional eavesdropping, thereby reducing distractions. 

Masking also makes intentional eaves-dropping more difficult, thereby improving speech privacy.  Occupants are likely to be more comfortable and more productive in open-plan office designs with sound masking systems.  These systems can even be used for paging systems in some circumstances. 

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Corporate environments are a common place to find sound masking systems.  These systems have the ability to both improve speech privacy and improve staff comfort and productivity.  Open-office-plan designs, in particular, are likely candidates for sound masking.  Let AVANT ACOUSTICS help create a better workplace for you with masking technology.

Government facilities are often require complete noise isolation and privacy in conversation.  Sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs) are one extreme example where sound masking can contribute to speech privacy.  Beyond that, however, open floor plan layouts benefit from sound masking by reducing the brain’s focus on annoying background noise and distracting conversations.  A well-designed sound masking system often improves both staff comfort and productivity.

HIPAA compliance is often a major concern for healthcare facilities.  Architectural acoustics and noise isolation are important first steps, but sound masking can supplement the physical barriers.  In fact, sound masking may be the only option in the reception area where patients are in close proximity to one another with no demising partitions at all.  AVANT ACOUSTICS can help with both the acoustical and sound masking considerations in your healthcare facility.

The situations described above are just a few of the most common spaces that benefit from sound masking design.  If your facility requires speech privacy and/or has a persistent noise problem, let’s talk about your sound masking project today!

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