University of Georgia Sanford Stadium

  • University of Georgia Sanford Stadium

  • University of Georgia Sanford Stadium

Located on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens, Sanford Stadium has a seating capacity of over 92,000, and is primarily used for varsity football.  The facility has also hosted events for the 1996 Olympics.


AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Sound reinforcement system consultation
  • On-site system equalization and commissioning


Project Highlights:

AVANT ACOUSTICS first completed the design of a sound reinforcement system for the facility in 1991. Although this original system worked well for the facility, over the years, there were several stadium expansion and renovation projects that included changes and upgrades to the sound system.

Wanting to improve the performance of the system installed in 2014, the University once again called in AVANT ACOUSTICS. AVANT assessed the existing conditions, provided recommendations for improvement, and conducted on-site system commissioning services to provide immediate and clear performance benefits.


Location: Athens, GA
Facilities: Collegiate Football Stadium
Client: University of Georgia Athletics Association
Designer: Edouard G. Charland & John M. Hodgson


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