Privacy Policy

Updated 4/13/2018

Your privacy is important to AVANT ACOUSTICS.  To help us tailor our website to our clients’ needs, we do collect anonymous information regarding site visits. We want to be open and transparent regarding our collection and use of this information, which is the purpose of this privacy policy.

AVANT ACOUSTICS employs including Google Analytics, Lucky Orange, and Cookies on our website. Google Analytics collects anonymous website usage information, such as: pages visited, duration of visit, and flow through, and more. These tools are commonly utilized across the internet, and personally identifiable information is never collected or correlated by AVANT ACOUSTICS or our third-party partners (such as Google Analytics). We use the information collected to: make decisions regarding the content and organization of our website, purchase web-based advertising spots from third-party providers (such as Google AdWords), and other anonymous uses.

To opt-out of data collection, you have several options. Many newer web browsers contain features for “Do Not Track” or “Disable Cookies,” which will not interfere with your experience on our website. Furthermore, Google Analytics provides opt-out tools.

This Privacy Policy is intended to give a general understanding to website visitors regarding our collection and use of data. It is not intended to be all-inclusive or exhaustive of current usages or potential future uses of data. If visitors are concerned about our privacy practices or policies, or have questions, they are encouraged to contact us.

AVANT ACOUSTICS and its successors reserve the right to modify this or any policy at any time without notice.

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