Mass Notification System Design / Paging System Design

A mass notification system design and paging system must distribute understandable speech to all parts of noisy and architecturally complex spaces; such as airport terminals, rail stations, and office buildings. 

AVANT ACOUSTICS’ expertise in the art and science of sound enables us to design aurally stunning systems. We’ve built our reputation as an industry leader in mass notification system design and paging system design by delivering superior results. In fact, we designed a paging system for our first client over 50 years ago – and they’re still a client to this day!

How are we different? We provide more comprehensive bid documents, as well as custom-designed user interfaces and more thorough systems commissioning.  These extra touches result in better sounding systems with higher speech intelligibility.


Paging systems for airport terminals and rail stations are critical for communicating important, timely, and understandable information to passengers. AVANT ACOUSTICS has over 50 years’ of experience perfecting our paging system design and commissioning processes. As a result, our systems provide the most natural sound, the most even coverage, and the highest speech intelligibility. 

Convention centers and event venues often require a paging and mass notification system design that is zoned to allow for different space configurations. These spaces are often acoustically challenging and benefit from an acoustical consultant’s involvement. With our experience in both acoustics and paging systems design, our consultants are well qualified to help.

Corporate and government facilities often need the ability page specific zones or departments so as to not disturb others with irrelevant pages. Furthermore, these paging systems require high speech intelligibility, and must deliver natural-sounding pages. AVANT ACOUSTICS provides these features, along with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can operate.

When it comes to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, a high-quality paging or nurse call system can be the difference between medical staff getting there just in time, or too late. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ designs ensure easy-to-understand communication. With their high speech intelligibility and natural sound, our systems are literally life-saving!

When an emergency arises in a K-12 or higher education space, students and faculty need fast and intelligible information. AVANT ACOUSTICS designs emergency communications systems on budget and on time that help make your learning environment a safe place.  

If your venue or space isn’t listed above but you need a paging or mass notification system design, you’ve come to the right place!  AVANT ACOUSTICS design systems are easy-to-use, sound natural, and have high speech intelligibility.  Give us a call, and let’s talk about your next mass notification system design and/or paging system project!

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