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Educational environments often have a wide variety of uses and requirements. AVANT ACOUSTICS has consulted on acoustics and audio-visual design for hundreds of K-12 projects since our founding in 1964. Whether you needs are for assembly or performance spaces such as auditoriums, gymitoriums, cafetoriums, or cafegymitoriums or for classrooms, media centers, and corridors, AVANT ACOUSTICS has the experience for which your team and owner are looking!


AV system design for K-12 auditoriums and other spaces is a cornerstone of AVANT ACOUSTICS’ work. Performance and assembly space usage tends to vary from school to school. AVANT believes the acoustics and AV system should enhance spaces. In addition to auditorium AV systems, we’ve designed AV systems for classrooms, gyms, athletic fields, large multipurpose spaces, and more. We are skilled at designing solutions to fit any need.

Sound system design for auditoriums and other K-12 education spaces need to support uses from assembly and drama to symphony, band, and choral. To accomplish this, the system should sound natural and reinforce frequencies for the full audible spectrum. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ consultants have mastered both the technology and the art behind consistently awesome sound system design.

Classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, corridors, auditoriums, media centers, and commons areas all have unique acoustical needs. In some cases–such as with a gymnasium or corridor–acoustical consultation can be critical to protect the hearing of teachers and young ears.  In other cases–such as with auditoriums–the acoustics can mean the difference between professional- versus amateur-sounding performances.  In classrooms and media centers, acoustics may mean the difference between education and distraction.  AVANT ACOUSTICS helps ensure that all spaces are fine-tuned to maximize functionality.

A great acoustical or audio-visual system design is only half of the battle. The quality of the end-result still depends heavily on the quality of the installation.  AVANT ACOUSTICS can be available to answer contractor questions and oversee compliance with the specification.  Protect your investment in design with construction administration by AVANT ACOUSTICS.

For some designers, the difference between a great installed solution and a mediocre one is the winning contractor. AVANT ACOUSTICS aims to reduce the variability introduced by lowest-bid-award projects by providing custom DSP files and touchpanel layouts on each project, and spending more time on site testing equipment and fine-tuning the system to the environment.  This leads to more user-friendly systems that sound more natural, and attain higher levels of speech intelligibility.

Over time, furnishings and finishes may change or AV equipment may come out of calibration or start to fail. Luckily, we can help! AVANT ACOUSTICS can diagnose your problematic space, and work with you to create a plan for remediation.  Some issues will even be improved immediately while we’re on site!

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