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In higher education, audio-visual design and acoustical consultation are cornerstones to active learning environments.  Schools, students, and parents alike expect the latest classroom technology, including sound reinforcement, AV presentation, lecture capture, and streaming systems. 

AVANT ACOUSTICS’ designers get the need for a technologically sophisticated campus.  We help educators and architects meet these expectations, project after project.  

Our systems not only enable the education process, but are also easy for teachers and students to use.  That’s because we custom design the user experience, including touchpanel layouts.  We also provide more complete specifications, drawings, and system commissioning.  This takes much of the risk out of selecting a low-bid contractor. 

With AVANT, you’ll get the results you were expecting – and then some!


Higher education audio-visual system design is about enabling learning.  Whether your project is a traditional lecture hall, student laboratory, or distance learning classroom, AVANT ACOUSTICS will design a system to meet all the specific needs of that space.  Our systems are designed with more complete documents and commissioning, leaving less up to the contractor.  The result?  Consistent quality from one project to the next.

In large classrooms and event spaces, it is crucial that higher education sound system design results in natural-sounding audio with a high speech intelligibility.  Well-designed sound reinforcement and audio-visual systems are critical to student achievement, and should enhance the learning experience.  At AVANT, our systems not only bring learning to a whole new level; they are designed for ease-of-use.

Learning requires focus.  Poor room acoustics, architectural acoustics, or mechanical noise control can all lead to less effective learning environments.  AVANT ACOUSTICS works to eliminate auditory distractions, allowing students to focus on learning.

Field conditions and product availability issues sometimes conflict with the original design intent.  With construction administration by AVANT ACOUSTICS, the design we customize for you will become a reality.  We’re on site, ensuring the project is on track, and answering all those questions that didn’t exist at design time.

Many consultants design great audio-visuals systems, but the owner receives a sub-par system because the installer didn’t deploy the design correctly.  AVANT ACOUSTICS significantly reduces this risk by spending more time during system commissioning, stress-testing the system and equalizing it to your space.  We also provide DSP files and touchpanel layouts for increased system performance and usability.  We excel at making systems sound awesome, and we deliver that to your project.  

Over time, conditions change.  Acoustics may suffer, and audio-visual systems may degrade in quality.  AVANT ACOUSTICS can visit your site, determine the issues, and work with you to create a plan for remediation.  Some issues can even be addressed immediately while we’re on site!

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