AVANT ACOUSTICS knows healthcare!  And we know the importance of quality acoustics in medical environments.  Healthcare facilities are unique in that they can face speech privacy concerns (both for patient privacy and HIPAA compliance) and loud vibration and noise from MRI machines and other medical imagining equipment.  Add to this the fact that radiologist and other doctors need uninterrupted concentration… let’s just all agree that acoustics are critical in healthcare!


In healthcare, architectural acoustics can take on various forms. Loud MRI machines and other medical imaging equipment often create significant noise and vibration that need to be contained for patient and employee comfort.  Speech privacy can be a major concern, as well.  Even outside noise sources, such as airports, highways, railways, or industrial neighbors, can create a less-than-desirable environment for patient comfort.  AVANT ACOUSTICS can help with these and any other architectural acoustics consulting needs you may have.

MRI noise and vibration is just one problem requiring a consultant that medical facilities sometimes face. In addition to medical imaging devices, HVAC and electrical systems can also present issues.  AVANT ACOUSTICS has helped resolve noise/vibration challenges at all sorts of healthcare facilities. Our solutions make for happy owners and patients alike.

Healthcare facilities take patient privacy very seriously. Often, however, walls between patient exam rooms do not provide adequate speech privacy to allow patients and doctors to discuss sensitive medical topics.  AVANT ACOUSTICS can help your medical office reach and maintain HIPAA compliance.

If your healthcare facility has audio-visual, paging, or sound reinforcement design needs, AVANT ACOUSTICS can help! Our engineers are highly qualified in system design. We provide more complete specifications, drawings, and commissioning to ensure our systems meet the end user’s precise needs.

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