Audio Visual Consultant

Audio Visual Consultants For Experiences That Impress

The Audio Visual Consultants at Avant Acoustics are dedicated to making sure your business or organization’s AV systems are operating at peak performance, delighting your audience with sights and sounds that get your message across. With over a half-century...

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Acoustical Consulting

Acoustical Consulting for a Happier Healthcare Experience

Acoustical consulting combines the science of acoustics (how sound behaves in a space) with an understanding of architecture and the habits of the people who work within a particular place. It is used to help create workspaces that are pleasant to be...

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Paging system design

A Paging System Design To Get Your Message Across

Paging system design is something not many of us think about, though most of us receive messages this way almost daily. Whether you’re being paged at the airport with a message that your flight has been delayed, or you are waiting in line at the...

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AV System Design For Clear Communication

Proper AV system design is vital to ensuring that your audience can see and hear your message, loud and clear. Whether you are running a huge convention with thousands of attendees or hosting a meeting in your conference room, you want your AV system...

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Sound Masking System

Sound Masking System Cuts Down Distracting Noise

A sound masking system can make a world of difference in your office space. A method for masking unwanted noise is crucial anywhere that privacy is a concern, or where you don’t want intrusive noise to distract your clients and employees. At Avant Acoustics,...

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Mass Notification System

Mass Notification System for Vital Customer Communications

A mass notification system and paging system is a vital component of business operations for many industries including airlines, rail lines, sports stadiums and amusement parks, to name a few. These systems must provide easily understandable communications...

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Audio Visual Systems To Make Your Message Loud and Clear

Audio visual systems are such a normal part of everyday life that we don’t often think about them. That is, until they don’t work properly! There is nothing worse than getting up in front of a group of colleagues to speak, only to find that the audio...

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Acoustical Consulting

Acoustical Consulting Firm Can Make Your Space Sound Amazing!

Acoustical consulting, which is sometimes referred to as acoustical engineering, is the management of sound.  There are several elements involved in this work, including room acoustics, architectural acoustics, and noise control. Avant Acoustics provides...

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avant acoustics welcome

AVANT Acoustics – Leading Acoustical & Audio Visual Design Consulting Company in the United States

Welcome all who visit our website! AVANT Acoustics hopes you find us to be informative, entertaining, and useful. You have many choices when surfing online for an acoustics / audio visual design company and we want you to choose us with confidence. Our...

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Rehearsal Room Acoustics

Rehearsal room acoustics often require close attention and specific acoustical characteristics. As a veteran choral musician, I have performed in a variety of venues, from a dedicated performing arts center to a gymnatorium, from a standard classroom...

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