Audio-Visual Systems

Professional audio-visual systems enable the use of a particular space.  At AVANT ACOUSTICS, we’re more than design consultants. We create custom audio visual design solutions that meet your needs and budget.

We approach AV engineering differently, providing more complete design documents, careful construction administration, and more in-depth system commissioning.  Our commissioning involves more thorough testing of the installed system and user interfaces. This maximizes the experience for all users of the space.

Owners and architects who partner with AVANT ACOUSTICS get consistent, high-quality results. Because of this, our clients keep coming back, project after project!

In addition to paging, visual paging, advertising, and FIDS/PIDS systems, transportation projects often require additional audio-visual design.  Meeting rooms, retail, restaurants, and lounges are all noteworthy opportunities for high-quality, professionally designed AV systems that redefine how people think about airport terminals and rail stations.

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In convention centers and event venues, easy-to-use AV systems enable varied uses and encourage users to come back, time after time.  We design audio-visual systems that adjust to the varied configurations of the facility.  Because of our extensive experience with event venue projects, AVANT ACOUSTICS knows how to make these spaces work for owners, users, and architects alike.

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Your corporate office AV system should enable teamwork, collaboration, and productivity.  Beyond helping you work faster and better, however, your custom AV solutions will portray your company as innovative and successful to clients, as well as to prospective employees and stakeholders.  AVANT ACOUSTICS helps owners, facility managers, and architects deploy systems that meet their tangible and intangible goals.

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Government AV systems often have unique privacy and security requirements. AVANT ACOUSTICS knows how to design systems that comply with these requirements. In addition, we have the professional equipment and practices needed to implement your plan.  Whether you need secure conference room technology or a full-scale emergency operations center, we can make it happen!

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Higher education AV systems design has changed over the years, and AVANT ACOUSTICS has been there every step of the way.  From traditional lecture halls to distance learning systems, AVANT ACOUSTICS’ AV designs always have a few things in common… Staff find them intuitive to control, students think they’re cool, and most noteworthy, everyone agrees they enhance the educational experience.

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Some religious and worship facilities prefer audio-visual components to be discrete in favor of a more traditional appearance.  Others want their AV system to be an impressive focal point in the sanctuary, incorporating theatrical lighting and ambiance-creating technologies.  No matter what you envision for your worship service, AVANT ACOUSTICS can design an audio-visual system to make your vision a reality.

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As a mainstay of AVANT ACOUSTICS’ business, K-12 education has always presented exciting AV design opportunities, from recording/production studios to auditoriums.  We are experienced at designing budget-conscious AV systems that meet or exceed expectations, and are easy for faculty and students to use.

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Performing arts require AV systems that complement the theatrical or musical performances.  AVANT ACOUSTICS is well-versed in AV systems design that accomplishes just that.  Our systems have full-range sound and are easy (if not downright fun) to use!

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Sports and recreation events can temporarily transport audience members from mundane daily life and provide a high-energy, exciting experience.  For a fully immersive environment, the audio-visual systems need to rock, which is where AVANT ACOUSTICS comes in… We design audio and video systems for arenas and stadiums that do just that – rock!  Some of our clients in this space are so high-profile, we can’t even mention their names!

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Professional AV systems are all around us.  Even if your space doesn’t fit into one of the categories listed above, we have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver on your vision with thoughtful, industry-leading audio-visual design.

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