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Acoustical consulting, in some circles referred to as acoustical engineering, is the management of sound.  Often, this is about mitigating unwanted reflections and increasing desirable ones (room acoustics).  It may also be about containing or blocking out noise as it relates to adjacent spaces (architectural acoustics).  In addition, mechanical and electrical systems noise control are common problems our acousticians solve. 

If you need help with anything related to sound, vibration, or noise, AVANT ACOUSTICS has the experience and expertise to help! We’ve tackled everything from theatre acoustical consulting to flutter echo at conference centers to noisy MRI machines to open office sound issues – and everything in between!


AVANT ACOUSTICS has worked on transportation facilities for over 50 years.  No one understands transit station and airport acoustics like we do! These large spaces typically have many noise sources to consider.  People conversing, kids playing, noisy equipment, and background music are just some of the challenges we’ve encountered.  Furthermore, passengers must be able to clearly understand the announcements–not to mention emergency notifications–broadcast from paging and mass notification systems.  AVANT ACOUSTICS understands that proper acoustics and noise control are critical to the proper functioning of transit facilities.

Convention centers and event venues are large, complex spaces that often have conflicting adjacent uses.  Don’t worry, we have you covered!  We can assist with mechanical and electrical noise control, room acoustics, and architectural noise control.  Our consultants will ensure your conference center or event facility sounds as it should, regardless of the facility configuration or type of event.  We even assist with the selection and testing of operable partitions for reconfigurable spaces.

Lots of companies have open office spaces with limited or no partitions between staff members. While these configurations promote employee collaboration, they can also give rise to concerns about speech privacy and concentration. To achieve the ideal balance, you need an acoustical consultant to provide recommendations to the architect on room acoustics and possibly noise control.  Besides open office environments, many workplaces have event spaces, boardrooms, conference rooms, and huddle spaces, each with their own unique acoustical needs.  AVANT ACOUSTICS has handled it all, and we can’t wait to tackle your project!

Besides the typical noise isolation and room acoustics concerns, many government projects have particular needs to protect privacy and sensitive information.  AVANT ACOUSTICS has provided acoustical consulting on all types of government spaces from secure environments, including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) acoustics to libraries, courtrooms, and public service facilities.

Some people are surprised to learn that healthcare facilities need acoustical consultants. However, consider the seriousness of patient room privacy concerns, HIPAA compliance, and vibration-sensitive imaging equipment, such as noisy MRI scanners. No wonder we’ve worked on so many hospitals, labs, and urgent care centers!  Our consultants are experienced in providing acoustical solutions that work for patients and medical staff alike.

In higher education facilities, acoustics are critical to a productive learning environment.  Noise control, architectural acoustics, and room acoustics are all key considerations. Music and performing arts practice and auditorium spaces, in particular, often require our close attention. Many of our acoustical consulting projects involve new collegiate facilities. However, we also work on a great deal of renovation and/or repurposed spaces.

Religious and worship centers require attention to detail and experience when designing for proper acoustics.  AVANT ACOUSTICS provides acoustical consulting services for owners and architects alike. We help attain the noise control, isolation, and reverberation times needed to maximize the entire experience of your space.

Teaching and learning is hard work, even when everything is perfect.  In education, AVANT ACOUSTICS focuses on the three core acoustical considerations: room acoustics, noise control, and noise isolation. This ensures an environment with minimal distractions from the task at hand.

Our favorite thing about performing arts space is that everyone understands the importance of acoustics.  AVANT ACOUSTICS helps architects and owners to ensure the proper acoustical characteristics, and support the space’s varied uses.

Perhaps acoustics isn’t your first thought when you think of sports and recreation spaces.  These spaces can be quite loud, however. Thus, it’s important to consider space acoustics that support the sound system.  Good acoustics can bring the full auditory game-time experience to every seat in the house!  In fact, AVANT ACOUSTICS has some big name clients (with strict name usage limitations) that repeatedly use our acoustical expertise to improve fan experience for events and venues across the country.

Sound affects our everyday lives, sometimes in ways you might not expect.  If sound has created a problem for you, or you want to ensure it isn’t a problem in your design, contact AVANT ACOUSTICS. We’ll evaluate your particular need, and design a solution for you.

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