Acoustical Consultant & AV System Design Services

Audience engagement through sound and audio-visual communication is critical
—are you optimizing your space?

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Why clients trust AVANT ACOUSTICS

The talented acoustical consultants and professional audio-visual designers at AVANT ACOUSTICS have enhanced hundreds of venues around the world. Each AVANT ACOUSTICS’ project redefines engagement and optimizes the audience experience through revolutionary design, development and commissioning for acoustics, noise control, sound reinforcement and audio-visual systems.

Five decades of cutting-edge innovation has secured AVANT ACOUSTICS’ position at the forefront of the acoustical consulting and professional audio-video design industry. Each project is conceived, honed and implemented to fit the unique needs of individual owners and facilities.  With an eye on ensuring the integrity and architecture of the space, the highest standards in quality of design and construction documentation are maintained from start to finish.

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